Disability Information

Helpful Information for the Disabled using DMV services

There are several alternatives for DMV services. You might not even need to go to a DMV Office. In addition to this website, you can obtain information from the Telephone Service Center at 800-777-0133.

If you do need to visit a DMV office, you can make an appointment by calling the Telephone Service Center at 800-777-0133 or by using our online appointment service.

Conducting Business with Your Service Animal

Your service animal may accompany you into the DMV Office. You are required to comply with county or city ordinances regarding leash laws, so your service animal must be leashed when inside the DMV office, if the local ordinances require it. If your animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other people, you will be asked to remove your animal from the office.

Although the service animal is not required to wear an identifying harness or special collar, you may be asked if the animal is a service animal or what tasks the animal has been trained to perform. You may not be refused service because you are accompanied by your service animal.

Taking your Written Exam

Check out DMV's alternative methods for completing the Drivers License written examination.

Note: To allow you sufficient time for testing DMV will not be administering written or audio exams after 4:30 p.m.

Telephone Service Centers-Call Toll Free: 800-777-0133.

At this number you may speak to a DMV specialist to either address your concern by phone, or help make the specific arrangements to obtain DMV services at one of the offices. You can get information on nearly all services available at DMV, such as:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • How to obtain a license
  • Where to take a driver license examination
  • What to expect at that examination
  • DUI restrictions and much more

The TTY for Speech and Hearing Impaired Only - Toll free: 800-368-4327

Persons with speech or hearing impairments can call, toll free: 800-368-4327 for assistance on DMV services. Only typed messages from another TTY are received and responded to at this number.

DMV Public Offices - The "Start Here" Sign

All DMV Offices have a "Start Here" sign. When visiting a DMV office you may ask for any special assistance you may need because of your disability.

Specifically Designated Counter for Disabled Persons.

Each DMV Office has a counter specifically designated to accommodate disabled persons. The "Start Here" counter personnel can direct you or you can go directly to the counter designated with a disabled logo.

The Office Manager at any DMV Office

You may ask to speak to the Office Manager at any DMV Office that you call or visit. DMV Office Managers are trained to assist disabled customers that may require special arrangements.

DMV Driver Safety Offices - Disabled Parking and Building Access Maps.

All DMV Driver Safety Office listings now include a map showing where the disabled parking and building access is for that specific office.

Additional Information

Disabled Person Parking Placard or Plates

Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates (REG 195)

Disabled Veteran License Plates

Window Decals for Vehicles with Wheelchair Lifts